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Cultivate Success: Explore Hydroponic Insights & Gardening Wisdom on Phive8 Distribution's Blog

April 6, 2024

Unveiling the Green Thumb Secrets: The Jug Dealers Podcast

Welcome to “The Jug Den,” where the green revolution is underway with Jerin, Gabe Gambo and Guests from Phive 8 Distribution, Colorado’s leading hydroponic product distributor.

February 8, 2024

Pest-Free Gardening: Combatting Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips, and More with UV Light

Unwanted pests like aphids, whiteflies, thrips, and mold/mildew can harm your indoor garden. Explore effective strategies, including the power of UV-A and UV-B light.

February 7, 2024

Cultivating Success: Choosing the Ideal Location and Building for a Medical Cannabis Grow Facility in the United States

Setting up a successful medical cannabis grow facility in the United States requires careful consideration of various factors

February 6, 2024

Spider Mite Menace: Prevention and Eradication with UV Light

Spider mites, those tiny arachnids with a big appetite for plant juices, can wreak havoc in indoor grow rooms.

February 5, 2024

Unlocking Growth: The Art and Science of Enzyme Manufacturing for Plant Fertilizers

Unlocking plant growth through precise fermentation and formulation, enzyme manufacturing for fertilizers enhances nutrient absorption, soil health, and fosters sustainable agriculture practices.