Plagron Alga Bloom

100% organic and suitable for organic farming (CU certified)

Ensures a stable pH value in the soil

Improves the soil structure

Key Information

    • Specifically formulated for organic soil-based cultivation, Alga Bloom fosters robust flowering plants through its algae-based composition.
    • Benefits of using Alga Bloom include its 100% organic certification, pH stabilization in soil, and enhancement of soil structure.
    • To apply Alga Bloom effectively, shake thoroughly and mix 4 ml per liter of water during each irrigation session throughout the flowering phase. For optimal results, integrate it with Alga Grow and other products from the 100% NATURAL and UNIVERSAL grow styles.

How to use Plagron Alga Bloom

Shake well before use. Add 2 ml of PK 13-14 per 1 litre of water (1:500). After this, add the basic nutrient until the desired EC value is reached. Use this nutrient solution each time the plants are irrigated in the flowering phase.

Unlocking Flourishing Harvests with Alga Bloom

Nurturing Organic Growth and Abundant Flowering for Optimal Cultivation

Alga Bloom stands as a tailored solution crafted explicitly for organic soil-based cultivation, aiming to facilitate the flourishing of plants during their flowering phase. Its composition, rooted in algae, is meticulously designed to nurture healthy and resilient plants, fostering abundant flowering. The decision to incorporate Alga Bloom into cultivation practices is justified by its organic nature, verified by the CU certification, ensuring compatibility with organic farming methods. Beyond its organic credentials, Alga Bloom contributes to the maintenance of soil pH levels, promoting stability conducive to optimal plant growth. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in enhancing soil structure, further fortifying the growing environment. Application of Alga Bloom is straightforward, involving thorough shaking before adding a prescribed amount to water during each irrigation session throughout the flowering phase. For those seeking comprehensive cultivation solutions, combining Alga Bloom with complementary products like Alga Grow and those from the 100% NATURAL and UNIVERSAL grow styles is recommended, promising holistic support for thriving plant development.

Available Sizes & MSRP

Plagron Alga Bloom

1 liter $39.79
5 liter $172.11
10 liter $300.63
20 liter $568.11


Can I use Alga Grow and Alga Bloom on the 100% Terra substrates Lightmix en Growmix?

Absolutely, once the mineral fertilizer has depleted from the substrate. This typically takes approximately a week with Lightmix and around three weeks with Growmix. During this period, it’s crucial to monitor pH and EC values as long as nutrients remain in the substrate. However, once the pre-fertilization phase is over, you can seamlessly introduce Alga Grow or Bloom without the need for further nutrient monitoring. Throughout this transition, pH levels should remain your primary focus. While Alga Grow and Alga Bloom complement 100% Terra substrates exceptionally well, it’s important to note that Growmix and Lightmix are not organic and lack soil life.

My nutrient solution with Alga Bloom has a strange smell and/or looks cloudy. Is this a problem?

No need to worry; this occurrence is entirely normal and poses no threat to your plants. The distinct smell and cloudiness result from the organic ingredients within Alga Bloom. Once dissolved in water, a natural bacterial process initiates, leading to these sensory changes. Rest assured, these effects have no adverse impact on plant health.

Should I adjust the pH and EC values of my nutrient solution if I grow with Alga Bloom?

No adjustments are necessary, especially when utilizing our 100% NATURAL soils. With these soils, there’s no requirement to regulate the pH and EC values of nutrient solutions, ensuring a simplified and hassle-free cultivation process.