Plagron Alga Grow

100% organic and suitable for organic farming (CU certified)

Ensures a stable pH value in the soil

Improves the soil structure

Key Information

    • Organic soil-based cultivation optimized: Alga Grow, derived from algae, fosters robust growth and root development, laying a solid foundation for abundant flowering.
    • Organic and pH-stabilizing: Alga Grow, CU certified, stabilizes soil pH and enhances soil structure, vital for healthy plant development.
    • Application made easy: Shake well, mix 4ml Alga Grow with 1L water (1:250), and irrigate plants during growth for optimal results.

How to use Plagron Alga Grow

Shake well before use. Add a maximum of 4 ml Alga Bloom per 1 litre of water (1:250). Use this solution each time the plants are irrigated during the flowering phase.

Tip: Combine Alga Grow with the other products of the grow styles 100% NATURAL and UNIVERSAL.

Nurturing Organic Growth with Alga Grow

Unlocking the Potential of Organic Cultivation Through Sustainable Soil Enrichment

Alga Grow stands as a cornerstone in organic soil-based cultivation, meticulously crafted to bolster plant growth during its crucial developmental phase. Harnessing the power of algae, this fertilizer fosters not just growth but also ensures the establishment of a robust root system, laying the groundwork for abundant flowering in subsequent stages. What sets Alga Grow apart is its commitment to organic principles, bearing the CU certification, thus guaranteeing its suitability for organic farming practices. Beyond its organic credentials, Alga Grow plays a pivotal role in maintaining soil health, contributing to a stable pH balance and enhancing soil structure. Simple to use yet highly effective, the application of Alga Grow involves mixing 4ml per liter of water, to be utilized with each irrigation session during the growth phase. For optimal results, it’s recommended to integrate Alga Grow with other products from the 100% NATURAL and UNIVERSAL grow styles, amplifying its benefits within a holistic cultivation approach.

Available Sizes & MSRP

Plagron Alga Grow

1 liter $39.79
5 liter $172.11
10 liter $300.63
20 liter $568.11


Can I use Alga Grow and Alga Bloom on the 100% Terra substrates Lightmix en Growmix?

Yes, you can, once the mineral fertilizer is out of the substrate. With Lightmix that will take about a week, while with Growmix it will take about three weeks. As long as there are nutrients in the substrate, you’ll have to monitor pH and EC values. You won’t need to add nutrients. Once the pre-fertilization is gone, you can start adding Alga Grow or Bloom and you won’t need to monitor anything anymore. In the period between the two you’ll only have to mind the pH. Alga Grow and Alga Bloom work perfectly well on 100% Terra substrates. But Growmix and Lightmix are not organic and do not contain soil life.

My nutrient solution with Alga Bloom has a strange smell and/or looks cloudy. Is this a problem?

No, this is normal and is not harmful for your plants. This is caused by the organic ingredients in Alga Bloom. After the product has been dissolved in water, a natural bacterial process starts after a while. This causes the smell and can make your solution look cloudy. This does not have any adverse effects on your plants.

Should I adjust the pH and EC values of my nutrient solution if I grow with Alga Bloom?

No, combined with our 100% NATURAL soils you don’t have to regulate the pH and EC value of nutrient solutions.

What is the shelf life of Alga Grow and Alga Bloom?

You can determine the shelf life by looking on the bottle for the black printed batch number. Mail this number to the Plagron service desk ([email protected]). They can tell you the best before date to use the product safely.