Plagron Cocos A & B

Chelated for maximum plant uptake and availability

High concentration for maximum efficiency

Humic and Fulvic enhanced base A & B formulas

Key Information

    • Two-part hybrid mineral base nutrient designed for growth and flowering phases, with a balanced ratio for optimal plant uptake.
    • Simple 2-part Dutch style fertilizer (A & B) suitable for growers of all levels, ensuring professional quality results with minimal effort.
    • Advantages include maximum plant uptake, high concentration, and compatibility with all watering systems in coconut cultivation.

How to use Cocos A & B:

Shake BOTH products well before use! Add between 8 to 16 ml of EACH product (A & B), per GAL of water. Adjust pH value of the final nutrient solution between 5.5 and 6.0.

Tip: ALWAYS use equal amounts of A & B. If using Green Sensation, add this to the reservoir water FIRST, and then add Cocos A & B. It does NOT matter in what order A & B are added to the reservoir. Add all other remaining additives and ensure a desirable pH value LAST. Plagron recommends a value between 5.5-5.8.

Unlocking Growth Potential with Cocos A & B Nutrient Solution

Streamlined Cultivation for Optimal Plant Health and Performance

Cocos A & B presents a two-part hybrid mineral base nutrient meticulously crafted to cater to both the growth and flowering phases of plant development. This highly concentrated formula, marked as A & B, offers a balanced ratio of essential elements, ensuring optimal absorption by the plants. Engineered specifically for cultivation in coconut fiber, its design simplifies the cultivation process for growers of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. With Plagron’s proprietary CaMg technology integrated into the system, the need for additional macronutrient supplements is minimized, streamlining the feeding regimen. Moreover, Cocos A & B boasts chelated components, maximizing plant uptake and availability, while its humic and fulvic-enhanced formulas contribute to robust growth. Its high concentration not only ensures efficiency but also prevents nutrient crystallization or lockout, promoting a clean and uninterrupted nutrient flow. Suitable for various watering systems, this versatile nutrient solution maintains its effectiveness across diverse cultivation setups, making it a reliable choice for coconut-based growing endeavors.

Available Sizes & MSRP

Plagron Cocos A & B

1 liter $14.69
5 liter $55.14
10 liter $83.45
20 liter $135.98


What makes Cocos A & B ideal for plant growth and flowering?

Cocos A & B provides balanced nutrition with the right proportions of essential nutrients required for both growing and flowering stages, ensuring optimal results. When cultivating on a coconut substrate, it’s crucial to maintain adequate moisture levels to prevent salt buildup. By incorporating Cocos A & B with each watering, you guarantee your plant has constant access to vital nutrients.

How does Cocos A & B accommodate various pH levels?

Cocos A & B is specifically formulated for buffered coconut substrates like Cocos Premium, which lack inherent nutrients. Its mineral-based composition ensures direct absorption of nutrients by the plant. Notably, the nutrients in Cocos A & B remain readily available across a wide pH spectrum, providing a buffer against suboptimal pH conditions, ensuring consistent nutrient uptake.

How does Cocos A & B promote robust growth and flowering?

Vital for vigorous growth and flowering, plants require phosphorus and calcium. However, these elements tend to bind together, rendering them unusable by the plant. Cocos A & B counteracts this issue by separating calcium in Cocos A and phosphorus in Cocos B. By adding these nutrients separately to water, precipitation is prevented, maintaining their availability to the plant. Recognizing that a single bottle solution cannot fulfill the plant’s complete nutrient needs, Cocos A & B is offered in two distinct bottles to ensure comprehensive nourishment.