Plagron Green Sensation

Increases yield

Improves flavor by high sugar formation

Use on all substrates

Key Information

    • Stimulate flowering for maximum yield and flavor enhancement with Green Sensation by Plagron, featuring unique organic compounds.
    • Experience boosted yields and improved taste through a combination of bloom stimulator, PK 13-14, and exclusive enzymes in Green Sensation.
    • Achieve high-quality harvests in the final flowering phase with Green Sensation, reducing reliance on base nutrients and additives by up to 50%.

How to use Green Sensation

Shake well before use. Add to water first before any other nutrients at a rate of 4 ML per GAL of water. Always measure pH/EC/PPM values once ALL other nutrients and additives are mixed.

Tip: Green Sensation will help bring sick, deficient and diseased plants back to life! Green Sensation has also been known to replace multiple products during the blooming, fruiting and flowering stages.

Elevate Your Harvest with Green Sensation

Unlock Maximum Yields and Flavor Enhancement for Flourishing Plants

Green Sensation by Plagron stands out as a premier solution for maximizing yields and enhancing flavor during the flowering phase of plant growth. Its exclusive blend of organic phosphorus and potassium compounds stimulates flower production, ensuring robust yields and superior taste. This all-in-one formula simplifies the cultivation process by combining the benefits of three essential plant nutrition products into a single bottle. Specifically crafted for the final 4 to 6 weeks of flowering, Green Sensation provides a balanced nutrient composition that fuels the plant’s needs for optimal development. By promoting dense cell structure and assisting overall plant health with its proprietary blend, Green Sensation not only increases yields but also improves flavor and aroma by enhancing sugar formation. Compatible with all substrates and watering systems, it streamlines cultivation while reducing the need for additional additives by up to 50%. Whether revitalizing sick plants or boosting healthy ones, Green Sensation offers a comprehensive solution for growers seeking quality and quantity in their harvests.

Available Sizes & MSRP

Green Sensation

250ml $91.79
500ml $145.96
1 liter $233.09
5 liter $1,039.49
10 liter $1,850.13
20 liter $3,307.49


Can Green Sensation be Used with Other Fertilizers?

Absolutely! Green Sensation can be seamlessly combined with other fertilizers without any issues.

Is Green Sensation Considered an Organic Product?

While not classified as organic, Green Sensation ensures minimal disruption to soil life, maintaining ecological balance.

What Sets Green Sensation Apart from Competing Boosters?

Green Sensation outshines competitors by offering four distinct benefits in a single bottle, making it a highly economical choice. It enhances flowering, boosts resistance, nurtures soil health, and amplifies yields.

Why Does Green Sensation Have a Lower PK Value Compared to Similar Products?

The potency of Green Sensation extends beyond phosphorus and potassium alone, leveraging a rich blend of components for enhanced effectiveness and stability. This synergy sets it apart, ensuring superior performance despite its lower PK value relative to other market offerings.