Plagron Hydro A & B

Chelated for maximum plant uptake and availability

Humic and Fulvic enhanced base A & B formulas

Designed for ALL hydroponic watering systems

Key Information

    • Two-part hybrid mineral base nutrient, Hydro A & B, facilitates both growth and flowering phases. Engineered for non-soil systems, it boasts balanced elements for optimal plant uptake and includes Plagron’s CaMg technology to minimize macronutrient supplements.
    • Dutch-style fertilizer Hydro A & B, consisting of only two products marked A & B, suits growers of all levels. Its simplicity ensures professional-grade results, adaptable to varying garden conditions for improved growth, yield, and harvest quality.
    • Hydro A & B offers advantages like chelation for maximum plant uptake, humic and fulvic enhancement, high concentration for efficiency, and formulation to prevent nutrient crystallization or lockout. It’s suitable for all hydroponic systems, ensuring clean operation and optimal nutrition.

How to use Hydro A & B:

Shake BOTH products well before use! Add between 8 to 16 ml of EACH product (A & B), per GAL of water. Adjust pH value of the final nutrient solution between 5.5 and 6.0.

Tip: ALWAYS use equal amounts of A & B. If using Green Sensation, add this to the reservoir water FIRST, and then add Hydro A & B. It does NOT matter in what order A & B are added to the reservoir. Add all other remaining additives and ensure a desirable pH value LAST. Plagron recommends a value between 5.5-5.8.

Hydro A & B: The Ultimate Solution for Optimal Plant Nutrition

Unlocking Professional-Grade Results in Growth and Flowering Phases

Hydro A & B stands as a versatile two-component fertilizer meticulously crafted to support both the growth and flowering phases of plants. Designed with a focus on non-soil cultivation, this hybrid mineral base nutrient offers a meticulously balanced blend of elements, ensuring optimal uptake by plants. Plagron’s inclusion of their proprietary CaMg technology further enhances its efficacy, reducing the need for additional macronutrient supplements such as Cal-Mag products. Its user-friendly design, comprising just two distinct products labeled A & B, caters to growers of all expertise levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. This Dutch-style fertilizer guarantees professional-grade outcomes, adaptable to the diverse variables present in any garden environment. Moreover, Hydro A & B boasts several advantages, including chelation for enhanced plant absorption, humic and fulvic enrichment, and a high concentration for maximum efficiency. Formulated to prevent nutrient crystallization or lockout, it ensures clean operation across all hydroponic watering systems, promising an optimal nutritional regimen for thriving plants.

Available Sizes & MSRP

Plagron Hydro A & B

1 liter $14.69
5 liter $55.14
10 liter $83.45
20 liter $135.98


How Long Can I Store Hydro A & B Once Mixed with Water?

Once mixed with water, Hydro A & B can be safely stored for up to four days. It’s important to monitor the pH value during this period, as it may gradually increase over time. To maintain the solution’s integrity, avoid mixing in any organic products, as they can spoil within just 48 hours. Additionally, ensure proper circulation by using a circulation pump and thoroughly clean the tank before mixing the solution.

Do I Need to Regulate pH and EC Values When Using Hydro A & B?

Yes, it’s advisable to regulate both pH and EC values when utilizing Hydro A & B for 100% hydroponic cultivation. While Hydro A & B does adjust these values within your nutrient solution, tap water may vary in pH and EC levels regionally. We recommend maintaining a pH level between 5.5 and 6.5, which can be adjusted using pH Plus or pH Min solutions. The ideal EC value differs depending on the plant species and its growth or flowering phase. Consult our 100% Hydro Grow Schedule to determine the optimal EC value for your specific plants.