Plagron PK 13/14

Compact and harder fruits

Stimulates and accelerates the growth and flowering

Increases resistance

Key Information

    • Enhances fruit density and solidity for heavier yields. PK 13-14 boosts phosphorus and potassium levels, ensuring compact and robust fruits, guaranteeing high productivity.
    • Promotes accelerated growth and flowering, resulting in denser blooms and enhanced fruit set. PK 13-14 is a vital supplement with a precise dosage of 2 ml per liter water (1:500 ratio), incorporated alongside base nutrients to achieve optimal EC levels.
    • Formulated as an NPK fertilizer (0-13-14), PK 13-14 stimulates fructification, delivering essential phosphorus and potassium during the flowering phase, leading to more compact and weighty fruits.

How to use PK 13/14

Shake well before use. Add 2 ml of PK 13-14 per 1 litre of water (1:500). After this, add the basic nutrient until the desired EC value is reached. Use this nutrient solution each time the plants are irrigated in the flowering phase.

Maximizing Fruit Yield with PK 13-14 Mineral Fertilizer

Enhanced Flowering and Fruit Development for Optimal Harvests

PK 13-14 stands as a pivotal mineral fertilizer designed to fortify plants during the crucial flowering phase, elevating their potential for robust fruit development. Infused with essential phosphorus and potassium, this potent formula serves to bolster fruit density, rendering them compact, solid, and notably weighty. By providing plants with the necessary nutrients, PK 13-14 stimulates accelerated growth and bloom, ensuring a profusion of dense flowers and a heightened propensity for fruit formation. The application process is streamlined, requiring a meticulous dosage of up to 2 ml per liter of water, meticulously integrated with base nutrients until the desired EC value is achieved. As an NPK fertilizer with a composition of 0-13-14, PK 13-14 effectively stimulates fructification, enabling plants to thrive during the flowering phase and yield bountiful harvests characterized by premium quality fruits.

Available Sizes & MSRP

PK 13/14

1 liter $23.22
5 liter $99.60
10 liter $182.23
20 liter $347.58


Is it normal for my PK 13-14 to be transparent?

Yes, absolutely. PK 13-14 is designed to be transparent.

Do I need to regulate the pH and EC value when using PK 13-14?

Yes, it’s important to regulate both the pH and EC value when utilizing PK 13-14. The pH value plays a crucial role in nutrient absorption by the plants when using mineral fertilizers. However, the pH and EC values of tap water can vary depending on the region. We recommend maintaining a nutrient solution with a pH value ranging between 5.5 and 6.5. You can adjust the pH using pH Plus, pH Min, or Lemon Kick. Additionally, the ideal EC value varies according to the plant species and its specific growth or flowering phase.