Plagron Power Roots

Ensures a vigorous and healthy root system

Promotes growth and plant system immunity

Relieves transplanting stress and shock

Key Information

    • Stimulate Rapid Growth: Power Roots, an organic stimulator, fosters robust root development swiftly, thanks to its meticulously crafted formula enriched with Inositol, a key component enhancing root system metabolism.
    • Enhance Plant Vitality: Power Roots ensures a vigorous root system, promotes immunity, and boosts vitality, enabling better nutrient absorption and growth, while alleviating transplanting stress and shock for healthier plants overall.
    • Versatile Application: Suitable for all watering systems and growing substrates, Power Roots can be seamlessly integrated into any vegetative base regimen. Simply add 4 ML per GAL of water throughout the growth phases, including up to 3 weeks into the bloom phase, for explosive root growth.

How to use Plagron Power Roots

Shake well before use. Add to nutrient solution at a rate of 4 ML per GAL of water. Use throughout the GROW phases, and up to 3 weeks into the BLOOM phase.

Tip: Do NOT allow nutrient solution to go above 70 degrees Fahrenheit if at all possible. Use Power Roots with ALL transplant feedings to maximize new feeder root development. Add Power Roots to mother / parent plants weekly to keep vegetative development lush and prolific.

Power Roots: Accelerating Plant Growth from Root to Bloom

Unlocking Vitality and Resilience with Plagron’s Organic Stimulator

Power Roots by Plagron is a premium organic stimulator meticulously formulated to accelerate root development, fostering a robust and extensive root network essential for optimal plant growth. Its unique blend, enriched with key ingredients like Inositol, fuels root system metabolism, ensuring rapid and vigorous growth from the vegetative stage through blooming and fruiting. This exclusive concoction not only bolsters root health but also enhances overall plant vitality, promoting immunity and increasing nutrient uptake. Moreover, Power Roots effectively mitigates transplanting stress and shock, ensuring seamless transitions for healthier plants. Its versatility shines through in its compatibility with all watering systems and growing substrates, making it a valuable addition to any cultivation setup. Incorporating Power Roots into your regimen is simple: just add 4 ML per GAL of water throughout the growth phases, extending up to three weeks into the bloom phase. By prioritizing root development, Power Roots lays the foundation for thriving, resilient plants, elevating your gardening experience to new heights.

Available Sizes & MSRP

Plagron Power Roots

500ml $61.96
1 liter $93.45
5 liter $429.45
10 liter $714.17
20 liter $1,392.63


How long should I give Power Roots to my plant?

Ideally, you should administer Power Roots until the third week of the flowering phase. This timeframe allows the plant to establish sufficient root development early on, optimizing its energy for flower production.

Why does my Power Roots smell like herbs? Is this normal?

Yes, the strong herbal scent of Power Roots is perfectly normal since the recent recipe update. Rest assured, this aroma does not have any adverse effects on your plants’ health or growth.

My nutrient solution with Power Roots has a strange smell and looks cloudy. Is this a problem?

No, there’s no cause for concern. The organic ingredients in Power Roots can lead to a natural bacterial process once dissolved in water, resulting in a slight odor and cloudy appearance. However, this phenomenon is harmless and won’t negatively impact your plants.

What is the difference between Power Roots and Hydro Roots?

The primary distinction lies in their composition. Power Roots contains organic elements, making it less suitable for use in irrigation systems. Conversely, Hydro Roots is strictly mineral-based, ensuring compatibility with (circulated) irrigation setups. While Power Roots is ideal for hand feeding, Hydro Roots is better suited for system feeding. If opting to use Power Roots in a system, regular cleaning is advised to prevent potential issues.