Plagron Terra Bloom

Single-part designed specifically for “soil” and peat growing.

Biological and mineral based components for the best of both worlds.

Optimally designed for enhanced chelation.

Key Information

    • Plagron Terra Bloom: A complete soil fertilizer tailored for the Bloom Phase. Its exclusive formulation of biological and mineral components ensures exceptional quality in blooming, flowering, and fruiting.
    • Why Terra Bloom: Designed for soil and peat growing, blending biological and mineral elements for optimal results. Versatile for both indoor and outdoor gardens, compatible with various watering programs.
    • How to Use: Shake well before use and add 10-20 ml per 1 GAL of water. Apply during the bloom phase with every watering to maintain healthy blooms. Keep an eye on pH levels, and note self-buffering properties for desired pH range.

How to use Terra Grow

Shake well before use! Add between 10-20 ml Terra Grow per GAL of water. Use this nutrient solution every time you water in the growth phase. It helps to keep your solution moving (circulating pump) and that your tank is clean before you create the solution.

Tip: Terra Grow will keep four days after you have dissolved it in water: always observe the pH because this is likely to increase slowly. Please also note that if you are using organic products in the same solution, as they may spoil after 24 hours.

Tip: Terra Grow will in 90% of cases automatically self-buffer its pH value to a desirable range. Prior to irrigation, ensure a pH value 6 and 6.5.

Unlocking Bloom Brilliance with Plagron Terra Bloom

Nurturing Vibrant Blooms with an Exclusive Soil Fertilizer

Plagron Terra Bloom stands as a comprehensive soil fertilizer meticulously crafted for the Bloom Phase, boasting an exclusive blend of biological and mineral components. Specifically formulated for soil and peat-based gardens, its simplicity as a one-part base nutrient guarantees consistent and exceptional results across all stages of blooming, flowering, and fruiting. Terra Bloom’s versatility shines through its compatibility with both indoor and outdoor cultivation, accommodating various watering programs with ease. For application, users are advised to shake the solution well before use and add 10-20 ml per 1 GAL of water during the bloom phase watering routine, ensuring lush, healthy blooms. Furthermore, Terra Bloom demonstrates a remarkable ability to self-buffer its pH, maintaining it within the desirable range of 6 to 6.5 for optimal plant absorption. This user-friendly fertilizer not only enhances chelation but also extends its longevity up to four days after dissolution in water, making it a trusted companion for gardeners seeking robust and vibrant plant growth.

Available Sizes & MSRP

Terra Grow

1 liter $19.96
5 liter $82.96
10 liter $143.85
20 liter $261.95


How Long Can I Store Terra Bloom After Mixing with Water?

After mixing Terra Bloom with water, it can be stored for up to a week. It’s important to monitor the pH, which tends to slowly increase over time. Avoid mixing organic products into the solution, as they can spoil within 48 hours. Ensure proper circulation of the solution and maintain a clean tank before mixing.

Should I Regulate the pH and EC Value When Using Terra Bloom?

Yes, it’s advisable to regulate the pH and EC values when utilizing Terra Bloom. While Terra Bloom adjusts these values in the nutrient solution, tap water’s pH and EC values vary. Aim for a pH range between 5.5 and 6.5, adjusting with products like pH Plus, pH Min, Calcium Kick, or Lemon Kick. The ideal EC value varies based on plant species and growth phase, as detailed in our 100% Terra Grow Schedule.

When Should I Start Using Terra Bloom?

Typically, Terra Bloom is used from the beginning of the flowering phase. However, if employing a pre-fertilized substrate, it might be suitable to begin later. Utilize our Grow Schedule Calculator to determine the optimal time to introduce Terra Bloom to your plants.