Royal Rush

Enhances the overall essential oil and brix content

Promotes more essential element availability

Stimulates chlorophyll production

Key Information

    • Harness the power of natural enzymes with Pure Zym, accelerating the decomposition of dead plant matter and releasing vital nutrients, fostering substrate life, and bolstering plant defenses against diseases.
    • Ensure a healthy rhizosphere throughout growth stages, guarding against harmful compounds, boosting aerobic capacity, and minimizing soil-borne infections with Pure Zym’s unique enzyme profiles.
    • Utilize Pure Zym effectively by shaking well before use, adding up to 4 ML per GAL of water, and employing it to rejuvenate depleted substrates, safeguarding against overuse with Green Sensation for optimal results.

How to use Royal Rush

Shake well before use. Add to nutrient solution at a rate of 1 to 4 ML per GAL of water as early as the 2nd week into vegetative growth and throughout flowering. STOP use one week from the end of the flowering cycle.

Tip: Combine Royal Rush with Green Sensation for maximum results.

Unlocking Plant Potential with Royal Rush

Harnessing Nature’s Power for Enhanced Growth and Flavor

Royal Rush stands out as a potent organic plant stimulant, leveraging a specialized amino-acid formula meticulously crafted by Plagron. This product’s efficacy lies in its ability to augment chlorophyll production while elevating essential oil and brix levels within plants. The result is a notable enhancement in the aromatic and flavor profiles of blossoms, flowers, and fruits. One distinguishing feature of Royal Rush is its capacity to abbreviate the flowering cycle significantly. By triggering a response akin to environmental stress, the amino acid profile prompts plants to fortify themselves through increased essential oil and resin content. Consequently, under optimal conditions, plants experiencing robust development may trim down their overall production time by as much as one week. Emphasizing ease of use, Royal Rush simply requires shaking before application, with dosage instructions recommending 1 to 4 ML per gallon of water from the second week of vegetative growth until one week before the end of flowering. For enhanced results, users are advised to combine Royal Rush with Green Sensation.

Available Sizes & MSRP

Royal Rush

500 ml $74.38
1 liter $114.46
5 liter $480.69
10 liter $915.60
20 liter $1,689.54


Can I Combine Royal Rush with Green Sensation?

Yes, you can combine Royal Rush with Green Sensation. However, it’s important to note that Royal Rush functions differently from the flowering stimulator in Green Sensation.

Can I Use Royal Rush as a Foliar Fertilizer?

Certainly, you can apply Royal Rush as a foliar fertilizer by spraying the leaves with Sugar Royal. Additionally, combining Royal Rush with Vita Race is feasible. However, we recommend refraining from spraying leaves and flowers with these products beyond the third week of the flowering phase to prevent potential alterations in the taste of the final product.

My Nutrient Solution with Royal Rush Has a Strange Smell and/or Looks Cloudy. Is This a Problem?

No, there’s no cause for concern. It’s perfectly normal for the nutrient solution with Royal Rush to exhibit a peculiar smell and appear cloudy. This occurrence is a result of the organic ingredients present in Royal Rush. Once dissolved in water, a natural bacterial process initiates over time, leading to the development of the smell and cloudiness. Rest assured, these changes do not adversely affect your plants’ health or growth.