Unveiling the Green Thumb Secrets: The Jug Dealers Podcast

April 15, 2024 | min read


Delve into Hydroponics, Cannabis Cultivation, and Gardening Wisdom with Jerin, Gabe, Gambo and guests from Phive 8 Distribution

Welcome to “The Jug Den,” where the green revolution is underway with Jerin, Gabe Gambo and Guests from Phive 8 Distribution, Colorado’s leading hydroponic product distributor. As creators of the renowned New Millennium Nutrient brand and veterans in the cannabis and medical marijuana cultivation scene, their insights are as potent as their products.

Tune in to the Ready Set Grow Show, the go-to podcast for growers and gardeners utilizing Phive 8 Distribution products in their gardens. Offering a wealth of knowledge, this podcast invites hydroponic industry experts from around the world to provide invaluable insights, answer burning questions, and shed light on backyard gardening. From product spotlights to gardening wisdom, each episode is a treasure trove for enthusiasts.

But it doesn’t stop at listening. The Ready Set Grow Show extends its reach beyond the airwaves. Watch live on YouTube to witness the magic unfold, or tune in on Spotify for convenient listening. And for those who want to wear their gardening pride, the official merchandise store offers a range of products to showcase your allegiance to the green thumb community.

So, whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting your journey into the world of hydroponics, The Jug Dealers Podcast is your gateway to cultivating success. Watch, listen, learn, and wear your passion for growing with pride.